What is Reno Vegan Chef Challenge?

Reno Vegan Chef Challenge is a fun community event that takes place in Reno and Sparks area for the entire month of April, 2019. Vegan Chef Challenge started in Sacramento in 2011. We are bringing it to Reno this year for the first time. The goal of this event is to promote healthy, tasty, and satisfying vegan dishes to the general public.

Where will Reno Vegan Chef Challenge take place?

Reno Vegan Chef Challenge will take place at each participating restaurant all over Reno and Sparks area. Reno Vegan Chef Challenge is a community event. There is no central event location. For the entire month of April, each restaurant will offer unique, healthy, tasty, and satisfying vegan dishes specifically made for this event.

How much does the event ticket cost?

You do not need to purchase a special ticket to enjoy Reno Vegan Chef Challenge dishes. Reno Vegan Chef Challenge is a community event. Just go to participating restaurants, order from their Reno Vegan Chef Challenge menu, and after you enjoy it, rate the dish on our website renoveganchefchallenge.com.

Who are judges?

You! Reno Vegan Chef Challenge is a community event. Everyone who dines at participating restaurants can submit their ratings. All you need is internet connection and email address. Rating system will be made available at renoveganchefchallenge.com on April 1, 2019.

When should I submit my ratings?

Rating system will open on April 1, 2019 and close on April 30, 2019. Please rate each dish you had with your comments during this period.

Will participating restaurants offer only vegan foods during Reno Vegan Chef Challenge?

No. all of their regular menus will be still available. On top of them, restaurants will create at least 3 special vegan menus for this event.

What kind of vegan dishes will be served at participating restaurants?

Restaurants participating in this event are required to offer “complete vegan dining experience”, that is, they must offer at least one decent vegan main dish which is not appetizer, salad, or dessert. Also, they are required to create vegan dishes delicious enough to please ALL diners, not just vegans. These rules make these restaurants great places to try out a vegan dish if you are not vegan, and also great places to dine if your family has both vegan and non vegan members.

How did you select participating restaurants?

We selected these restaurants based on popularity (Yelp and Google Local Guides reviews), input from local vegan community, and their willingness to take on the challenge to create vegan dishes that can please ALL diners, not just vegans.

Which other cities do Vegan Chef Challenge?

Vegan Chef Challenge started in Sacramento 8 years ago. It has become so popular that they do it twice a year now (Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge and Sacramento Vegan Burger Battle). In 2019, three additional cities (Reno, NV, Davis, CA, and Santa Barbara, CA) will be having Vegan Chef Challenge.

What are award categories and prizes?

Award categories will be announced once all restaurants submit their entries. Feel free to check out Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge website (sacveganchefchallenge.com) for past award categories. Prizes will be vegan cookbooks, t-shirts, and other goods donated by local vegan community.

How big is vegan community in Reno/Sparks area?

Nationally, roughly 2% of population is said to be vegan. We estimate that that is the case in our community as well. Reno’s largest vegan group VegNV (vegnv.org, facebook.com/groups/VegNV) has nearly 700 members.

Who is sponsoring Reno Vegan Chef Challenge?

Vegan Chef Challenge is sponsored by Vegan Outreach, a 501(c)(3) organization based in Davis, CA. All members of Reno Vegan Chef Challenge organizing committee are vegan volunteers who do not take any compensations from this event.

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